2018 The festival's program in details

The program of the 5th Storytelling Festival "Athens... a city of Tales" in details is up coming!



Sunday 19th of March 2017

Location: The Bath House of the Winds, Plaka

12.00-13.00 Folktales of the wind, of the water and of love. Storytelling from the Weavers of tales (M. Apiranthitou, A. Yankou, L. Sougia) For children 8+

Location: Athens Municipal Childrens’ and Youth’s  Library, Ampelokipi

13.30-14.30 Animal Folktales  for children. Storytelling from the Red Thread (A. Kapsomenaki, K. Kokkori, F.Koliaraki, E. Kouvari, E. Leventaki) For Children 6+

Location: Danish Institute in Athens, Plaka

20.00-21.00 “Heat of the tongue” Storytelling in English from the Norwegian Heidi Dahlsveen. For adults

With the kind support of EUNIC Greece-Embassy of Norway in Athens

Monday 20th of March 2017

Cultural Centre MELINA-Journey in Old Athens, Thission

World Storytelling Day

18.00-22.00 Narrative Marathon by selected storytellers, dedicated to the World’s Storytelling Day subject of 2017 “Transformations” For teenagers 15+ and adults

Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Location: Cultural Centre MELINA, Thission

18.30-20.00 Opening of Group Exhibition

“Tales of people…Fictions of Art 4”

Ceramics: “Ceramics coming up from folktales…” by Vassilis Goumas

Painting: “Transformations” by Dionissis Dionas

Artifacts made of Textile and leather: “Handbags for princesses and royalties” by Margarita Kalaki

Photography: “Does occupation determines the social position of people in society?” by the Photography & video team of KETHEA Diavasi (Open Program)

Painting: “Stories of dreams and transformations” by Maria Karzi

Artifacts made of macramé textile: “A thousand… and one magic knots” by Maro Liappi

Artifacts made of wood: “Traveling with a tale” by Mata Mailli

Artifacts made of wool: “A story in every thread” by Eleni Pavlou & Maria Koularmani

Painting: “Landscapes, monuments, stories” by Panagiotis Spiliotopoulos

Photography: “When walls speak” by Dimitis Fileles

Cartoons: “Ink Stories full of dispute colors” by Manolis Frangoulis

19.00 Music intervention: Nikos Vrettos -voice/guitar, Dimitis Fileles-lyrics

19.30 Happening: “The gift of love” by the Creative Lab of KETHEA Diavasi (Open program)

Location: Cultural Centre MELINA-Journey in Old Athens, Thission

20.15-21-15 “The White Snake” Storytelling performance in English by Anja Stefan

With the kind support of EUNIC Greece-Embassy of Slovenia in Athens

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

Location: Museum of Folk Art & Tradition “Aggeliki Hagimihali”, Plaka

18.30-19.30 “Stories of Transformation from the Greek Mythology” Storytelling Performance by I. Vigopoulou, K. Papamichelaki, A. Koskinas

With the kind support of the Association of Licensed Tourist Guides

Loction: Church of Metamorfosis tou Sotiros, Plaka

20.00-21.00 “Saints’ stories as folktales” Narrative performance by B. Antoniou-Triantafyllides, N. Kavarnos, G. Christodoulou, S. Stamatopoulos

Thursday 23rd of March 2017

Location: House of Cyprus, Athens

18.30-19.30 “Once upon a time…” Storytelling performance of Cyprian folktales by M. Argiridou, K. Komodikis, G. Tsouris

For children 10+ and all ages

With the kind support of EUNIC Greece-House of Cyprus

Location: Cultural Centre of Municipal of Athens-Auditorium “Antonis Tritsis”

20.00-21.30 Film screening of anthropological Documentary “SURYA” (75min) with the presence of the director Laurent Van Lancker (Belgium) and discussion with the audience

Under the patronage of the Embassy of Belgium in Greece and Cyprus

Friday 24th of March 2017

Location: Cultural Centre of Municipal of Athens-Auditorium “Antonis Tritsis”

11.00-15.00 Scientific Conference

11.00-11.30 Fest of Honor for the Editorship Committee of the Greek Folktale Catalogue (A. Angelopoulos, A. Brouskou, M. Kaplanoglou, E. Katrinaki)

Paper Presentations “Journey in the world of Storytelling, Myths and Folktales”

11.30-11.45 Opening Speech by M. G. Meraklis, Honorary Professor of The University of Athens, President of the Greek Folklore Society

11.50-12.15 Aigli Brouskou, social anthropologist, Society for The Care of Child and Youth,Thessaloniki: “An old story in various narrative environments: the woman who chose her brother instead of her husband”.

12.15-12.40 Emmanouela  Katrinaki, Dr Social Anthropology: “Transformations in folktales: The zoomorphic husbands”.

12.40-13.05 Despina Damianou, Assistant Professor in Folklore, Democritus University of Thrace: “Tsirogles-Kioroglou-Horion-Helios. One story, many stories about the tale type ATU 433B”.

13.05-13.30 Dr Brigit Olsen, Assistant Director of the Danish Institute in Athens: “From Jutland to Dodecanese: Observations about the Danish Folklore Collector Evald Tang Kristensen and his Greek homologous Iakovos Zarraftis”.

13.30-13.45 Break

13.45-14.10 Giorgos Katsadoros Assistant Professor in Folklore  University of the Aegean: “Zoomorphic humans or Humanmorphic animals? The form of animals between the magic folktale and the animals’ fable”.

14.10-14.35 Aphrodite Nounanaki Ph.D. candidate in Folklore Department of Primary Education University of Athens: “Urban Legends in Athens and Thessaloniki”

14.35-14.55 Dimitris V. Prousalis Postgraduate Diploma in Folklore & Culture University of Athens/Department of Primary Education: Evaluating the contribution of Aristofanis Chourdakis (1932-2017†) in the study of the Cretan folktale. A first review of his published work (1993-2015)

Location: Library of the Archdiocese of Athens, Psirri

18.30-19.30 “The winged serpant, the story of the god who was dragged to the ground of the humans. Narration of an Aztec Myth in Spanish & greek by Luis Gomezbeck/ accomp. K. Tassopoulou, text literary editing by B. Ntouchani. For youth 15+ and adults

With the support of the EUNIC Greece-Cervantes Institute in Athens

Location: Central Library of Municipal of Athens

20.30-21.30 Dark Tales: Grim stories, music and songs for vampires, phantoms, vixens and Fairies. Storytelling performance by Paramythanthos (D. Mallis-K. Moulla) Music: D. Mallis-K. Aktypis. For adults

Saturday 25th of March 2017

Location: Museum of School Life & Education, Plaka

11.30-12.30 “The Folktales of the National Theatre”. Storytelling by D.V. Prousalis/ music: F. Plakias. For Children 6+

With the kind support of The National Theatre of Greece in collaboration with the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

Location: Cultural Centre of KETHEA Diavasi

18.00-19.00 “Tales to make you think” Storytelling performance by “Imouna ki ego ekei!”(G. Dakoronia, A. Zafiraki, Th. Indas, A. Floraki) For youth 15+

Location: Museum of School Life & Education, Plaka

20.00-21.00 “I wasn’t there but they came and found me” Folktales meet biographical stories. Storytelling performance by P. Kokkoris. For teenagers 15+ and adults

Sunday 26th of March 2017 

Location: 2nd Primary School of Tavros-Tavros

11.30-12.30 “Folktales from Omonia Square to the Harbour” Storytelling Performance by D.V. Prousalis-music by F. Plakias. For Children 6+

With the support of the National Theatre of Greece in collaboration with the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus                                                                                     

Location: Museum of School Life & Education, Plaka

18.30-19.30 “At the turns of time, in the meeting of myths” Storytelling performance by Talescrossing-paramithoperasmata (T. Kondorouda, K. Linardatos, I. Fokou, H. Chatzaki) For children 12+ and adults.

Location: Cultural Centre MELINA, Journey of Old Athens, Thission.

20.00-21.00 “Beowolf” Epic Narration in English by the Telling Theatre of Denmark. For children 12+ and adults.

With the support of  EUNIC Greece, Danish Institute in Athens

End of Festival

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